I meet a lot of people who have had a negative experience with hypnotherapy, and unfortunately this may put them off from receiving treatment from anyone. That’s a shame, because good hypnotherapy, properly administered, will guide you to work wonders in your life.

In this second of a two-part blog on finding the right hypnotherapist, I address how to make sure they are the person who is right for you.

4. Be clear about what you want

Before you go looking for a therapist, be clear on the problem you need help with. It may be that your therapy journey ultimately leads you into other related areas of your life, but that will come later. When finding your hypnotherapist, you need to know what you’re looking for, so you know when you have, or haven’t found it.

Give yourself the absolute freedom to choose the right therapist for you. Anxiety and doubts about the treatment itself is normal, and a good therapist will work through that with you. However, if you’re uneasy about the hypnotherapist, you owe it to yourself to say so before the treatment starts.

5. Establish rapport

What make a hypnotherapist right for you largely depends on you. However great or highly recommended the hypnotherapist, if you’re an analytical type you might not be comfortable being hypnotised by a hippie-ish character with bells on her toes. Alternatively, the sharp-suited young man may be better for some than others. Would you like your therapist to be older than you or younger? Do you prefer a man or a woman? Light or serious? It may be that you won’t know until you meet the right one, so don’t be afraid to call and talk to them first.

6. Get to know each other

When I meet a prospective client, the first thing I do is listen. Their problem, their personality and their background are all highly relevant to the therapy journey we’re going on. New clients also have every chance they need to ask as many questions as they like about the treatment.

If a therapist doesn’t take an appropriate amount of time finding out about you or giving you the chance to find out about them, this will limit their ability to help you.

If you need any more advice on this, feel free to drop me a line or add your comment below.