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As I explained in my last blog, past life regression is a helpful, powerful tool hypnotherapists use to help clients.

It is not necessarily about voyaging back to a time before someone’s birth to find out what they were up to – going beyond a person’s own belief system in hypnotherapy doesn’t work.

Our ‘past lives’ are also relevant to our current life and how we feel about ourselves now, so the term could refer to childhood or a difficult period in the past that has left its mark on. Read the rest of this entry »

Our subconscious is a very good storyteller.

Some of its stories are based on fact, some are tall tales, but they’re all deeply symbolic – and very helpful in therapeutic healing.

When someone has lived through a traumatic experience, their subconscious can lock away the difficult feelings that came with it.

This is where past life regression can be very helpful, in unloading the old ‘stuff’ that the subconscious has buried away. It tends to come out of the stories we have created, and hold deep in our memory, which make our experiences somehow easier to deal with. Read the rest of this entry »

A fob watch on a chain like those supposedly used by hypnotists


Look into my eyes….. you are feeling sleeeeeeepy…. very sleeeeepy….

I love the cartoon-ish image of the hypnotist who swings a fob watch and chain, and puts people into a trance against their will. It couldn’t be further from the truth of what authentic hypnotherapists do – in which every session is built on a completely trusting relationship between therapist and client.

However, there’s one interesting aspect of the hypnotist’s image that does have a grain of truth – the swinging watch.

No, I don’t have a fob watch and chain, and if I did I wouldn’t swing it around in front of my clients’ face when I’m working with them. But that doesn’t mean it’s a completely unfounded manoeuvre. Read the rest of this entry »