Our subconscious is a very good storyteller.

Some of its stories are based on fact, some are tall tales, but they’re all deeply symbolic – and very helpful in therapeutic healing.

When someone has lived through a traumatic experience, their subconscious can lock away the difficult feelings that came with it.

This is where past life regression can be very helpful, in unloading the old ‘stuff’ that the subconscious has buried away. It tends to come out of the stories we have created, and hold deep in our memory, which make our experiences somehow easier to deal with.

These stories can come from something that happened in the past. It could also come from a story we read or heard a long time ago. Mind and memory is very fluid – and endlessly fascinating and informative about what is actually going on for someone.

Past life regression does not necessarily mean a hypnotherapist takes someone back to a life they were living before they were born into their current life. There is no benefit in working with people outside the boundaries of what they personally believe.

The significant detail a hypnotherapist working in this field is looking for is the emotion behind the story. Hypnotherapy is a safer place to take that emotion out of its box, so to speak, and take a look at it.

However, there are risks to this treatment, and the therapist must know how to deal with what we call ‘abreactions’. More on that later this week.