As I explained in my last blog, past life regression is a helpful, powerful tool hypnotherapists use to help clients.

It is not necessarily about voyaging back to a time before someone’s birth to find out what they were up to – going beyond a person’s own belief system in hypnotherapy doesn’t work.

Our ‘past lives’ are also relevant to our current life and how we feel about ourselves now, so the term could refer to childhood or a difficult period in the past that has left its mark on.

However, it must be done with great care – sometimes it’s not always useful to drag old baggage out of the past. Opening Pandora’s box simply out of curiosity or without the skill to deal with what is found there would be very reckless. Any therapist doing this must have a strong feel for where to go with it; which brings me back again to my constant point about trust.

Furthermore, the subconscious is constantly making things up. Its number one priority is protection, and it can be endlessly creative in throwing us off the trail. It will also make things up – and this is also where great care needs to be taken.

A downside is that someone can start speaking as a dissociated person looking in on themselves, or they’ve gone back to a traumatic memory but they’re actually feeling it happening to them again. In hypnotherapy this is called an abreaction, and it would then be important to bring the client gently to a safer place in their mind and then wake them when appropriate.

If you’re thinking of having a treatment like this done, for whatever reason, please choose your therapist carefully and ensure you’re totally comfortable with them. For any advice on this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.