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Imagine you had to cross a deep ravine by walking across a narrow, weak plank.

Imagine you have to make this walk because the forest behind you is on fire and it’s the only way you can save your life. However, you have a lifelong fear of heights, and, until this day, you wouldn’t even have stood on a chair to reach a shelf.

How would you approach this walk? Quite naturally, you’d focus all of your attention on the safe, sturdy land you’re headed to.

Intuitively, you’d also resist looking down, because you’re well aware that looking would make the fear much worse, making you less surefooted and more likely to bring about your worst fear – freefall. Read the rest of this entry »

There are a lot of letters after my name, so I thought it might be useful to explain some of them.

They all represent different types of training I’ve undertaken to be able to help my clients in as many ways as I can, with whatever problems are weighing them down.

CHBPP stands for “Certified Hypnotic Birthing Process Practitioner”, which means I’ve qualified to help mums get through childbirth by training with Sharon Mustard, the founder of the easibirthing method.

The way a mum-to-be thinks about childbirth has a massive impact on what kind of a birthing experience she will have. Unfortunately, there are a lot of beliefs around childbirth which are passed around, that it is largely characterized by constant screaming and hours of excruciating pain the like of which you’ve never experienced before. Read the rest of this entry »

Taking a stand against bullies is all about the way you stand.

A good, powerful posture doesn’t just change the way you’re perceived – it makes you feel more powerful inside.

These tips, drawn from hypnotherapy, NLP and martial arts will help you handle your fear when facing up to tough situations or difficult people.

They’re great for managing conflict – but they’ll also work in interviews and public speaking, too. Read the rest of this entry »

The Virtual Gastric Band is my most popular service, and my clients have had some wonderful successes with it.

This is despite the criticism it comes in for, even from other hypnotherapists, who say it can’t work.

The Virtual Gastric Band treatment is based on a hypnotherapy session in which your subconscious receives the message that you have had a gastric band operation, and your stomach has become the size of a golf ball.

The criticism is that the conscious mind will be fully aware you haven’t actually had this surgery, so that conscious mind will override the messages delivered to the subconscious and your old eating habits will remain.

The truth is, the critics are right. Read the rest of this entry »