There are a lot of letters after my name, so I thought it might be useful to explain some of them.

They all represent different types of training I’ve undertaken to be able to help my clients in as many ways as I can, with whatever problems are weighing them down.

CHBPP stands for “Certified Hypnotic Birthing Process Practitioner”, which means I’ve qualified to help mums get through childbirth by training with Sharon Mustard, the founder of the easibirthing method.

The way a mum-to-be thinks about childbirth has a massive impact on what kind of a birthing experience she will have. Unfortunately, there are a lot of beliefs around childbirth which are passed around, that it is largely characterized by constant screaming and hours of excruciating pain the like of which you’ve never experienced before.

Sadly, one of the results of these beliefs is tokophobia, or fear of childbirth – which can lead women to decide against having children, simply because they just can’t face giving birth.

It can also arise on mothers having their second or a later child, who are still badly affected by a traumatic earlier birth, or a period of post-natal depression which may have followed it. This can lead to the risk of mother and baby failing to bond.

I work with midwives and pre-natal groups, as well as individual mums-to-be, teaching essential hypnosis relaxation techniques. I also teach their birthing partners – husbands, sisters, friends or mothers, usually – to reinforce the hypnotic work we’ve done during the birth. My catchphrase is “Calm Mum, Calm Baby” and I also supply mothers-to-be with a relaxation CD to use before and even during the birth.

During childbirth relaxation self hypnosis techniques can be very powerful. A mother using these techniques will not only be able to cope much more easily with the birth, her body will, too. Hypnosis has a very physical affect on a mother during childbirth.

Tension during birth makes the birth tougher and longer-lasting, because the muscles are not relaxing and the baby cannot be delivered. Furthermore, contractions – those allegedly awful pains that plague you throughout the birth – are powerful muscular motions at the top of the womb, which are an essential part of childbirth.

Unfortunately, tension during childbirth make these motions less effective and much more painful. When your mind is relaxed, focused and under control, your body can do, quite literally, what it was made to do, and you can give birth naturally, with a shorter labour and less need for medical pain relief.

If you’d like to talk about giving birth without fear, give me a call or leave a comment below.