I like to do things for my clients that produce instant results.

This is why I used a blend of hynotherapy along with EFT – the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Awareness of this amazing technique is growing at the moment, and it’s becoming more popular. You might know it as ‘tapping’.

Essentially it involves tapping on the energy points or ‘meridians’ – the acupressure points used in Chinese medicine – to help release emotional blockages, overcome fears, relieve pain and recover from trauma.

It was founded by Gary Craig, who developed it out of the work of many previous therapists going back through the 20th century and thousands of years before that. Gary Craig retired in 2010 and released EFT into the public domain. It’s now used as a therapy in its own right or alongside other treatments including as acupuncture, pyschotherapy and, like myself, hypnotherapy.

I came across EFT while I was studying for my hypnotherapy diploma, when I met a dentist who used it. I trained in Gary Craig’s school of EFT and I now use it every day to help my clients change their thought processes. I find it can instantly release people from the memory of old upsets and trauma.

It’s a powerful treatment that can bring up a lot of old junk from the past, and help you to rationalise it and get rid of it. I find this is preferable to talking about problems without end – people want results straight away these days.

What’s more, its a straightforward, non-intrusive technique that clients can take away and use for the rest of their life, whenever they feel it’s needed.

Its results are proven, and there have even been research studies carried out into its effectiveness, that demonstrate what EFT therapists already know – it’s a powerful technique, that works.

If you’re interested in this, you can make an appointment to talk about how EFT will help you. Contact me here or call 0113 255 2644.